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Cannalid - Mason Jar Bong Lid - 3D Printing - .STL File Download

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Download the Deacon Smith Original Cannalid Mason Jar Bong for Free
Part Number: Cannalid-File
Availability: FREE DOWNLOAD Free Shipping.
Feature: Free Download - There are many variations of this Cannalid - Variations do exist. Don't go bitchin' if it's not exactly as it shows in the photos.
Feature: There are some variations that have a loop on the front. Some have it some don't
Feature: Designed by Deacon Smith

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Download Deacon Smith's Original FREE Cannalid Mason Jar Bong Lid.  Deacon Smith is adamant about making the Cannalid FREE to everyone.
  • 3D Print your own Mason Jar lid to screw onto a Large Mouth Mason jar
  • This is a FREE Download - You have to have the ability to 3D Print this item.
  • You will also need a seal for proper operation.  Although it will kind of work without a seal if you screw it real tight without breaking it.
  • It's FREE
  • Print in your desired material