Things you'll need.
  1. Bucky Top Gravity Bong Bowl
  2. Tall, thin container to hold water, filled near the top. A tallish, thin container would be best.
  3. A bottle of some sort with the bottom cut off. Before you cut the bottom off of a bottle, make sure the Bucky fits the top first.
  1. Locate the bottle found in step 3 above. Most 20oz soda/2 liter and water bottles work. Cut off the bottom. Don't be stupid. Be careful. A hack saw works well for some bottles. Scissors work well and knives can also work if they're sharp. Cut it straight and take your time. Trim the edges so it will sit straight on a flat surface. Set aside.
  2. Fill the container with water up to just below the neck of the bottle. If you fill it too full you will tend to get a wet hit. This can be prevented by placing a ping pong ball inside the bottle. It will float on top, if done properly, and disperse any major water from gurgling up into your mouth. This does indeed work well. And if you're at a beer pong party, well then, you got it made!
  3. Place the media of your choice in the Bucky and place the Bucky in the top of the bottle with the bottom cut out.
  4. Place the bottle with the Bucky in the container of water.
  5. Light the bowl as you pull upward. This creates a vacuum and pulls the smoke into the bottle chamber. Once the desired amount of smoke is achieved, pull the Bucky and take the hit as you push back down gently into the water.
  6. Sit back and enjoy the milkiest hits planet earth has to offer. Oh..Then, Have a Bucky Day!

A Waterfall bong is very similar.

  1. Poke a hole in the bottom of a bottle about the size of your little finger.
  2. Fill it with water and cover the hole with your finger.
  3. Place the loaded Bucky Top in the bottle.
  4. Light the bowl while you let the water run out into a sink or onto the ground.
  5. The bottle will then fill with smoke.
  6. Take the hit and Have a Bucky Day!

If you're still having trouble figuring this out, check out one of Bucky King Co's favorite Youtubers demonstrating the Bucky Top.

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