Deacon Smith? He's an old family friend of the Bucky Kings, but he's a bit of a mystery. I've heard people say he was recruited by the NSA in High School, speaks fluent Russian but never told anyone. And supposedly he's an assassin or somethin'. I'm not so sure about that. They say he was a covert operative for the NSA and never stayed in one place for too long. He can be clumsy at times, although he's a pretty smart guy, seems to really know what's going on but puts up a somewhat aloof exterior. Mostly a happy guy. I would describe him as a narcissistic, passive aggressive, obsessive compulsive recluse. Recluse may be a bit to much, but he does like to keep to himself. And, to be honest, he can be a dick sometimes too. He is very clean though, very organized and likes to read. He mostly reads conspiracy stuff, gardening books, cook books and he collects maps. But a covert assassin, LOLZ, I'm not so sure about that.

I heard he started a sex shop in San Francisco called Kaukenvayag in the 2000s but this, like most things about Deacon Smith, is a mystery and I have not personally been there.

Someone told me there is a book written about him called The Adventures of Deacon Smith. But more than likely he wrote it himself. They sent me a photo. Supposedly there were only nine copies printed. I have a line on one but the current owner won't sell. I'm working on making a deal with them to get it.

So, I know Deacon Smith probably better than anyone other than the Bucky Kings family, but I don't know him well. No one really 'knows' Deacon Smith. There are a lot of stories though. In his public life he worked as an engineer and he liked to tinker with electronics and machines when he was home, which wasn't often.

It's also said that Deacon Smith had a bit of a kinky side. As I mentioned earlier, he was reported to have owned a sex shop in San Francisco called Cockinvayage. But, it's also been reported that he liked women who would paint their body for him. He especially liked it when they painted his name on their body. This I know to be true because he told me personally at a party one time. He showed me a photo. Deacon doesn't use a smart phone, so I scanned this photo, but it turned out pretty good. I heard he has an affinity for the number 23 also and this photo seems to confirm that.

I speak to Deacon every once in a while, a few times a year maybe. Last I spoke to him, he said he was living above a massage parlor in Saigon. He does work very closely with the Bucky Kings family though and I talk to them frequently and they have confirmed that he is in fact living in Saigon, but they would not confirm if he was actually living above a massage parlor. Although this would not surprise me, I've not ever known him to lie to me.

Although I know what Deacon Smith looks like, as far as I know, there is only one photograph of him. He doesn't like his photo taken. I know some people have taken his photo but they didn't know who he was so those photos are pretty much anonymous. I know him and have spent some time with him and I can say that this composite drawing does have some resemblances. Sometimes he has a mustache, but usually he has a small chin beard kind of thing. At least he almost always does when I see him.

He has let me take a few photos of his work shop before, here are a few of those. He had a few projects in various states of completion. I like Deacon Smith and he does have some skills. Engineering skills that is. I've had more than one woman tell me that about him as well, but I have a feeling they meant something else.

The Adventures of Deacon Smith

The only known photograph of Deacon Smith

The only known photograph of Deacon Smith

Composite Sketch of Deacon Smith


I think it would be fair to say, Deacon Smith likes Bongs

All photographs published with permission of Deacon Smith.